1. The implementation of the national Trade policy
  2. Promotion of investments
  3. Trade licensing and regulations
  4. Provision of business development support services
  5. Coordination and development of micro, small and medium business engaged in trade
  6. Development of wholesale and retail trade
  7. Management of credit scheme for micro and small business
  8. Collection of business information and management of county business information centres
  9. Promotion of export business and domesticating bilateral and regional agreements
  10. Advocacy for the provision of market infrastructure
  11. Promotion and facilitation of the intra, inter county trade and cross border trade
  12. Management of county physical markets and regulation of hawking activities
  13. Promotion of e-commerce
  14. Conduct of trade fair/exhibitions and facilitating trade mission in the county
  15. Promotion of consumer protection


  1. To formulate county industrial policy and regulatory laws.
  2. To create an enabling business environment through improved infrastructure and investment friendly County laws.
  3. To ensure availability and access to business financial services.
  4. To create linkages with research and development agencies to promote use of ICT in product development and marketing.
  5. To encourage industrial incubation and mentorship program for developers of unique local products with export potential.
  6. To enforce Kebs anti-dumping, counterfeit and substandard laws in the county to protect consumers.
  7. To encourage and facilitate establishment of agro-industries for value addition
  8. To promote establishment of micro, small and medium industries (MSMIs).
  9. Undertake survey to identify investment opportunities.


  1. Develop ICT infrastructure and increase internet connectivity in the County
  2. Collaborate with ICT stakeholders and service providers to ensure there are improved services
  3. Increase investment incentives to ICT service providers
  4. Collaborate with ICT providers to increase communication network through erection of additional BTS in the county
  5. To increase and deepen ICT adoption through ICT trainings in institutions, establishment of ICT villages in towns/wards in the county
  6. To formulate ICT county policy to regulate use and development of the sector
  7. Advocate for further reduction on import duty for ICT equipments made for training institutions and use in rural areas
  8. Develop website for the county government and network all county and sub-county offices for information flow and public participation/feedback
  9. To adopt and promote e-government, e-commerce and digitization of office and hospitals records
  10. To formulate ICT regulatory laws to curb abuses


  1. Promotion of cooperative societies
  2. Processing of application for registration
  3. Inspection and investigations
  4. Training needs assessment for cooperative movement
  5. Market information dissemination and advisory services
  6. Banking inspections in local saving and credit cooperative societies
  7. Risk assessment in saving and credit cooperative societies
  8. Investment advisory services
  9. Coordination and monitoring of cooperative indemnity by cooperative leaders
  10. Promotion of cooperative ventures and innovations for local cooperatives
  11. Carrying out certification audits
  12. Carry out continuous and compliance audits
  13. Co-operative advisory services
  14. Pre-cooperative education
  15. Settlement of disputes(arbitration)
  16. Registration of c-operative society audited accounts


  1. Promotion of fair trade practices
  2. Verification of weighing and measuring instruments
  3. Inspection of weighing and measuring instruments and pre-packed goods
  4. Investigation of complaints relating to unfair trade practices and
  5. Prosecution of offences arising from unfair trade practices


  1. Enhance the capacity of MSEs to promote generation of incomes and employment
  2. Enhance MSEs capacity to access markets and market information
  3. Develop and improve MSEs infrastructure
  4. Coordination of policies, strategies and programs for support of the MSEs sector
  5. Develop and implement entrepreneurship promotion programs
  6. Assist in acquisition of land for MSEs use
  7. Link MSEs to financial organization for credit facilitation
  8. Organize Jua-kali exhibitions and trade fairs to show case their products and innovations
  9. Develop and implement the national and county MSEs policy

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