1. Developing and implementing financial and economic policies in the county.

2. Generation of the County Finance management bills

3. Preparing the annual budget for the county and coordinating the implementation of the same

4. Mobilizing resources for funding the budgetary requirements of the county government

5. Managing the county government’s public debt

6. Consolidating the annual appropriation accounts and other financial statements of the county government

7. Acting as the custodian of the County government assets

8. Ensuring compliance with accounting standards prescribed and published by the Accounting Standards Board

9. Ensuring proper management and control of the finances of the county government

10. Maintaining proper accounts and other records in respect of the County Revenue Fund, Emergencies Fund and other public funds

11. Monitoring the county government entities to ensure proper accountability for the expenditure of funds

12. Assisting county government entities develop their capacity

13. Providing National Treasury with information which it may require

14. Issuing circulars with respect to financial matters relating to county government entities

15. Advising the county government entities, the County Executive and county assembly on financial matters

16. Strengthening financial and fiscal relations between national and county governments

17. Reporting regularly to the county assembly on the implementation of county budget

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