The County Government of Kitui through the County Ministry of Health and Sanitation wishes to Procure Orthopaedic Beds & Waiting Chairs to enable the fourteen Kitui County Level IV Hospitals Orthopaedic units function efficiently.

Tenders are therefore invited from eligible suppliers who operate and are located within Kitui County and that preferences shall be accorded to firms belonging to Youth, Women and Persons Living with Disabilities in line with the Public Procurement & Disposal Regulations (Preference and Reservations) and Legal Notice No. 114 of June 2013.







Supply and delivery of Orthopaedic Beds (30 No.)  & Metallic Waiting Chairs (200 No.) for  Kitui  County Level IV Hospitals

Negotiation Number 731516-2018/2019


Youth, Women & PWD

27th May 2019 at 12.00 Noon


  • Provide copies of Company registration, VAT, PIN, Valid Tax Compliance Certificate & Valid business permit/ licence (obtained from County government of Kitui)
  • The Form of Tender and Confidential Business Questionnaire must be fully filled and signed by authorized person(s) with full names of Directors/Owner(s), Names of Proprietors (for sole Proprietors) and names of Partners ( for Partnerships),copies of their National Identity Cards.
  • Bidders are required to comply with section 74(1) (i) of the PPAD Act, 2015 that makes it a mandatory “requirement of serialization/pagination of pages by the bidder” for each bid submitted.
  • These tenders are reserved for eligible suppliers who operate and are located within Kitui County.

Further, Tenders from the following Tenderers shall be treated as non-responsive and therefore subject to disqualification: -

  • A Tender from a Tenderer whose Directors/Owners/shareholders are either County Public Servants, State Officers or their spouses and or their children; Serving in the County Government of Kitui or County Assembly of Kitui.
  • A Tender from a Tenderer who has been served with a default notice on the County’s previous and on-going projects.
  • A Tenderer who makes attempts of any kind to influence the tender outcome by soliciting for information during tender evaluation, communicating with tender evaluators, corrupting any Public Officers and any other forms to win favours shall automatically be disqualified and recommended for prosecution;

The tender documents containing detailed information on the tender can freely be downloaded from the county government of Kitui Website ( or IFMIS PORTAL: or PPIP Portal: using unique IFMIS negotiation number indicated above.  Bidders who have downloaded the document from the website are requested to forward their particulars immediately for recording and further clarification and addenda to email: (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or physically to the Procurement office at The County Treasury.

Complete tender documents must be submitted through the IFMIS SUPPLIER PORTAL: as per the requirements contained in the document so as to be received on or before the date and time indicated in the IFMIS.

Prices quoted must remain valid for one hundred and twenty (120) days from the opening date. MANUAL SUBMISSIONS will not be accepted. All tenders must be submitted through the IFMIS platform.

NOTE: Bidders who may experience challenges in accessing and uploading their tenders in the IFMIS Tender Portal should contact the IFMIS helpdesk (Tel: 0800721477 /020480180) at the National treasury or contact Supply Chain Management office at the County Treasury.  

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