The County Government of Kitui is in the process of preparing local physical development plans for Zombe and Migwani market centres. 

The main objective of the project is to delineate the planning boundary, provide a spatial framework for growth and development of the market centres aforesaid and the enhancement of security of land tenure.

Zombe market centre is in Zombe/Mwitika Ward in Kitui East Sub County in Kitui County. It’s the administrative headquarter for Kitui East Sub County. It serves a catchment population of 6,000 people. Zombe market centre covers approximately 1.2 km radius. The ward covers an area of 580.5km2 and has a population of 22,542 persons according to 2009 population and household census.

Migwani market centre is in Migwani ward in Mwingi west Sub County in Kitui County. It’s the administrative headquarter for Mwingi West Sub County. It serves a catchment population of 28,129 people according to 2009 population and household census report. Migwani market centre covers approximately 1.5 kilometre radius. The ward covers an area of 658.10 km2.

The Notice of Intention to Plan under the Physical Planning Act Cap 286 has been successfully executed for the above market centres as required by law.

Scope of the Assignment

The planning area will cover each market centre and its environs. The local physical development plan shall propose the urban limit with the planning area covering approximately 50km2 for each market centre subject to necessary consultation with the County Government of Kitui.


Objective of the Assignment

The main objective of the assignment is to:

Define a vision for future growth and development of the market centre over the next 10 (ten) years.

The purpose of the local physical development plan:

Provide basis for coordinated programming of county projects that enhances responsive services to residents.

Provide an overall integrated spatial framework for urban growth of the market centre.

Interpret and integrate strategic national, regional and county policies and plans.

Guide human settlement and other activities in a sustainable manner.

Provide a basis for efficient and effective delivery of infrastructure and social       services to the residents.

Identify natural resources, analyze their levels of utilization and propose innovative ways of utilization that promotes prosperity and posterity.

Identify local opportunities for job creation and employment.

Provide a framework for revitalizing industries, trade and commerce to spur economic development.

Identify environmental and ecological concerns and make proposals for protection and conservation purposes

Request for proposals are therefore requested from eligible bidders as follows;






Provision of consultancy services for preparation of a local physical development plan for Zombe urban centre




Provision of consultancy services for preparation of a local physical development plan for Migwani urban centre



Mandatory requirements

Interested firms should submit their proposals that will include the following:

  • Bidders must provide their company profile together with Certificate of Registration / Incorporation in the County domiciled and valid Tax Compliance Certificate.
  • The bidder must provide Evidence of experience in handling project of similar scope – Attach at Least three (3) references of similar work done in the last five years
  • Be composed of relevant contracts with a mix of appropriate expertise. The team members should have degree from a recognized university in related field and must have a minimum experience of at least five (5) in the same or related consultancy.
  • Demonstrate capacity and key completed assignments as prove of ability (previous works done and their magnitude, CVs of all key personnel.
  • Firms that bid jointly should submit consortium agreements between the parties, with the roles of each party clearly defined.
  • Financial capability – provide evidence of relevant resources and financial statements for three current consecutive years.
  • The Form of Tender and Confidential Business Questionnaire must be fully filled and signed by authorized person(s) with full names of Directors/Owner(s), Names of proprietors (for sole proprietors) and names of partners (for partnerships), copies of their National Identity Cards, copies of Business Registration Certificates and copy of business permit/licenses.
  • Bidders are required to comply with section 74(1)(i) of Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015. That makes it mandatory “requirement for serialization/pagination of bid documents by the bidder” for each bid submitted.

 Further, Tenders from the following Tenderers shall be treated as non-responsive and therefore subject to disqualification: -

  • A Tender from a Tenderer whose Directors/Owners/shareholders are either County Public Servants, State Officers or their spouses and or their children;
  • A Tender from a Tenderer who has been served with a default notice on the County’s previous and on-going projects. No renderer will be considered for more than one project.
  • A Tenderer who makes attempts of any kind to influence the tender outcome by soliciting for information during tender evaluation, communicating with tender evaluators, corrupting any Public Officers and any other forms to win favours shall automatically be disqualified and recommended for prosecution;

Eligible candidates may download the Tender Documents from the Kitui County Website ( and National Government Portal ( free of charge with effect from Tuesday 27th November, 2018. After downloading the tender documents bidders are requested to present their Particulars to the Supply Chain Management Office for registration, either online through (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or physically to the Procurement office at The County Treasury.

Bids shall be valid for a period 90 days after bid opening and submission of Tenders must be accompanied by bid security as indicated in the tables above. For firms belonging to Youth, Women and Persons Living with Disabilities no bid security would be required, however this category of businesses shall be required to sign a Bid Security Declaration Form to be provided to the eligible applicants.

Completed tender documents in original and a copy in a plain sealed envelope and clearly marked with the tender number and name, and addressed to:

The Chief Officer

Ministry of Lands, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development

County Government of Kitui

P.O. Box 33-90200



Be deposited in the Tender Box situated at the entrance to CO – LIHUD office, so as to reach him on or before Tuesday 11th December, 2018 at 12:00 noon.

Tenders will be publicly opened immediately thereafter, in the presence of participating bidders or their representatives who choose to attend. Tenders delivered after closing date and time shall not be accepted.




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