In pursuit of its mandate provided for in the Constitution, Fourth Schedule Part 2 (7) (a), The County Government of Kitui wishes to purchase two parcels of land in Mwingi town for utility by the Ministry of Trade and co-operative investments and Ministry of environment, Energy and mineral resources.

Potential land Sellers are therefore invited to submit Expression of Interest (EDI)  together with financial proposals sealed in separate envelopes and enclosed to one big envelope for sale of land to the County Government of Kitui for the said parcels of land as follows:

1. A Parcel of land suitable for Jua Kali Market tender No.CGOKTI/TCI/135/2018-2019:

The required land must:

  1. Be within one (1) kilometer from Mwingi Town Centre;
  2. Have a minimum acreage of two (2) Acres;

 2. A Parcel of land suitable for Gemstones and Minerals Resources Laboratory tender No. CGOKTI/MENR/136/2018-2019:

The required land must:

  1. Be within two (2) kilometers from Mwingi Town Centre;
  2. Have a minimum acreage of one (1) Acres.

The following requirements must be met by the Potential land sellers for the two parcels of land:

  • Terrain must have gentle slope and without streams or gulley running through it
  • The land should be easily accessible from the nearest main road and preferably served with utilities like water and electricity.
  • Proof of ownership of the land (A copy of the title deed must be attached)
  • If the land comprises of several parcels they must be contiguous. (Registry Index Map (R.I.M) must be attached)
  • Evidence that the land is free from encumbrances. A current Official title search must be attached
  • The owner or owners must be willing to allow the County Government and / or its agents to access the proposed land to carry out surveys and other assessments before any purchase negotiations can commence.
  • The purchase of the proposed land shall be subject to:
  1. Favorable topographical and survey results
  2. Favorable search and or verification of proof of ownership submitted
  3. Land must be clean – without any encumbrances, caveats, charges, legal /social disputes and or illegal occupants
  4. Verification of actual size of land by the County Government surveyors
  • Potential seller(s) must meet the following conditions
  1. Show proof of freehold ownership of the land (Copy of title Deed and Identity Card must be attached)
  2. Submit Two (2) copies of the intention to sale documentation and Financial Proposal in separate envelope.

Note: No tender documents are required to be purchased from the County Government of Kitui for this expression of interest for purchase of land for Jua Kali Market Development and Gemstones and Minerals Resources Laboratory in Mwingi Town.However eligiable land owners are required to submit expressions of interest that satisfies the above requirements.

Completed Expression of Interest documents shall be sealed in a plain envelope marked “Expression of Interest for Sale of Land to County Government of Kitui” on the top left hand side corner of the envelope and addressed to:

Ag. Chief Officers,                                                                                  

Trade, Co-operative & Investments and

Environment, Mineral Resources & Investment

County Government of Kitui

P.O Box 33 – 90200 Kitui

 Completed Expression of Interest documents should be deposited in the Tender Box located at the Head Supply Chain Management Services Offices, Treasury Building Kitui Town on or before Thursday 25th October 2018 at 12.00 Noon

Expression of Interest documents received within stipulated time will be publicly opened immediately thereafter, in the presence of participating bidders or their representatives who choose to attend. Expression of Interest documents and financial proposals delivered after closing date and time shall not be accepted.

The County Government of Kitui reserves the right to reject any or all applications. Canvassing in any form will lead to automatic disqualification. Expression of Interest that meets all the above requirements will have financial proposals opened for consideration later. Unsuccessful Expression of Interest will have their financial proposal returned unopened.


Chief Officer,

Trade and Cooperative Investments


Chief Officer,

  Environment, energy and Mineral Resources

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